Vitamin Supplements Without Fillers What Are the Most Common Fillers and Excipients Used in Supplements? Cellulose. Cellulose is a popular binding and coating agent. ... Gelatin. Gelatin is another popular capsule coating and binding agent. ... Stearic Acid. ... Magnesium Stearate. ... Silicon Dioxide. ... Carrageenan. ... Titanium Dioxide. ... Artificial Colors and Flavors. Choose your vitamins wisely because purchasing a cheap vitamin only results in poor quality nutrients and contain fillers. Fillers are toxic, synthetic additives used to bind the composition of a vitamin. Toxic additives, such as cellulose and gelatin, are commonly used in tablets and rapid release capsules. Visible symptoms may not occur immediately, but long-term daily use can cause detrimental effects to major organs. Supplements work ONLY because of the active ingredients in them. So why are almost all supplements on the market laden with in-active ones? Fillers, binders, anti-caking agents, lubricants, disintegrants, coating agents, sweeteners, coloring agents, flavouring agents. . . and this list is by no means complete. What to do ? avoiding additives allows the activity of, and synergy between, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, plant enzymes and other beneficial compounds to be experienced in the most profound and intense way - i.e. without additional physiological or biochemical interference. Scan your product and check our finding if your product contains any of the above in high quantity avoid the supplement and choose another one.

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