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What We Do?



On a quest to improve supplements and healthy products information readiness & organization so that is can be found effortlessly using the lens of your phone camera.



How We Do It?



At Nutrioo, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality, nutritious supplements, food or drink that fuels their bodies and minds. Our mission is to create innovative products and services that make it easy and affordable for people to eat well and live their best lives. We are committed to providing you with a seamless user experience and the most up-to-date information on the products you buy. By capturing an image of the label, we can effortlessly provide you with precise and dependable information sourced directly from the manufacturer, which we meticulously assemble for immediate presentation.



Why We Do It? 



Have you ever found yourself staring at a shelf stocked with countless nutritional supplements, unsure of which one to purchase? The vast array of energy bars and drinks can be bewildering, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Maybe the countless number of meal planner...and so on!



This is where we step in! Nutrioo utilizes user-generated ratings and reviews to assist individuals in selecting and purchasing high-quality nutritional supplements and healthy products, effectively rescuing them from the hassle of making such decisions on their own. 







Meet The Ardents

Inspiring volunteers’ member of team nutrioo, out there changing the game on journeys of their own.


Rabih Kassis Rabihk@nutrioo.io

Nutrition Specialist

DR. Ioannis Anagnostakis

Volunteer Business Consultant


Social Media & Digital Marketing

Lawyer Nassim Kassis

Legal Consultant