BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex Price: $$$ Age range: adult Type: capsules Form of magnesium: citrate, glycinate, malate Dose: 2 capsules per day Magnesium per serving: 300 mg If you’re looking for the best overall magnesium supplement, BioEmblem’s Triple Magnesium Complex should be at the top of your list. This supplement is certified for purity and accuracy by Labdoor. Plus, it’s made in a California-based facility registered by NSF International, a testing and inspection organization. The company’s facilities are also cGMP certified, and all of BioEmblem’s ingredients and products go through several rounds of testing to ensure optimal quality and accuracy. The brand’s Triple Magnesium Complex contains a blend of three types of magnesium — citrate, glycinate, and malate. All of these are chelated, meaning they are bound to compounds that might help your body absorb them more easily, though more research is needed (5Trusted Source). This product gets high ratings for its wide range of benefits, such as aiding sleep, migraine, anxiety, and muscle cramps and pains. Each capsule is vegan and gluten-free, as well as free from fillers, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. Pros third-party tested by Labdoor, NSF International certification, cGMP certified, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free Cons expensive

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