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Our app is crafted to empower you in making well-informed choices about nutritional supplements and wholesome food and beverage items. Simplifying the often intricate task of selecting products, it enables you to effortlessly snap a picture of a product label and gain comprehensive insights into its ingredients, flavor profile, health advantages, as well as ratings and reviews. Guess what you can compare products side by side as well!




This is where you scan a product label or search by keywords ,as well you can read our blog where we host trainers , dietician, nutritionist who are sharing tips related to health and wellness or sharing a healthy recipe.


Tap this option to learn about all updates in our product line. You will get to know about product name, nutritional value, approximate price and where to buy the product in your country – You can as well rate and review a product and compare it to another product.


Got a health product from somewhere? Don’t worry! Scan its label to search everything about its price, nutrition value, specifications, what people talk about.


Welcome to your News Center! Select this option to stay informed about app-related updates, the latest products, exciting deals, Promo Codes, notifications regarding items you've added to our library, updates on your reviews, and a host of other engaging topics.


Tap this feature to access your profile. You can edit your profile, change your password, change your picture, check the products you have added and reviewed.

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How It Works

An easy step by step way of getting your service done

Easy Account Creation

Easy Account Creation Just enter your details, verify the OTP sent to your email (check your spam) and your account is ready. Alternatively and preferably, you can signup instantly using your Gmail account or apple ID

Scan A Label Or Search By Keywords And Compare Products

Unsure whether your product complies with your religious or medical dietary requirements? Simply use our camera scan feature by pointing it at the product label and taking a photo. Our advanced AI algorithm will analyze and identify your product, providing you with detailed information.

Filter Products

Filter your searches by brands, ratings, price range, and concerns to find health products with the highest possible nutrition value and the closest to your liking. Apply the filter and compare products to find out which product suits your needs

Compare Products

Our comprehensive product comparison screen allows you to instantly compare products side by side and determine which one is better suited for achieving the results you desire. This is an excellent option for those who want to save money on their purchases.

Add A Product

If the product you're looking for is unavailable, our application will prompt you to contribute to our library by adding the product. You will subsequently receive a notification informing you that we are curating the product information - The product added will remain pending until all information is gathered.


Commission-free, transaction free and increase in revenue

What We Offer For Suppliers

Our app is also a platform for suppliers to showcase their products to a wider audience, with a dedicated supplier page where they can edit product information, monitor reviews, and connect with customers. To sell your products on Nutrioo, a specialized eCommerce platform, simply complete a form with essential business and contact details. Your application will be reviewed, and if you meet the criteria, your registration will be approved. To get started, copy and paste this link in your browser: https://nutrioo.io/portal/register. Enjoy commission-free and transaction-free selling, and increase your revenue.

Our dropshipping strategy

In our dropshipping model, as a supplier, you can showcase your products on our platform. Once a user places an order through our platform, you'll promptly receive an email notification containing the order specifics and the customer's shipping details. You can then fulfill the order by shipping the product directly to the customer. This approach simplifies your sales process, extends your market reach, and eliminates the need for you to maintain your own online store. Right click and open the picture in new window.

Exclusive Pricing Bundle

  • 3 Months Free Trial
  • ZERO registration fees
  • Special interface
  • No sales commission neither transaction fees
  • 100 SKU/Label
  • Buy now link redirection
  • Free push notification 3 times
  • Newsletter featuring and social media platform
  • Start Listing
  • 6 Months Registration Or flexible% Commission+1AED
  • Registration fees 2000AED waives the commission
  • Special interface
  • AED 1 transaction fees
  • 200 SKU/Label
  • Product curation service
  • Free banner 2 month
  • Free push notification 6 times
  • Blogs featuring
  • Newsletter featuring & social media platform
  • Start Listing
  • 1 Year Registration Or flexible% Commission+1AED
  • Registration fees 4000AED waives the commission
  • Special interface
  • AED 1 transaction fees
  • 300 SKU/Label
  • Product curation service
  • Free banner 3 month
  • Free push notification 12 times
  • Blogs featuring
  • Newsletter featuring & social media platform
  • Start Listing
  • 1 Month Registration
  • Registration fees 400 AED Pay-As-You-Go
  • waives the commission
  • Special interface
  • No sales commission neither transaction fees
  • 100 SKU/Label
  • Buy now link redirection
  • Free banner 1 month
  • Free push notification 1 time
  • Blogs featuring
  • Newsletter featuring and social media platform
  • Start Listing

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Seeing is believing. We know it. This is why we want you to see the value Nutrioo wants to add to your life and lifestyle for a better quality of living.

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